Inspired by Scott, I’m having a contest.

The Duration: The contest will last until noon PST on Friday, December 15th. The contest winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

The Terms: Guess how much my husband weighs! The official weighing will happen at noon on Dec. 15th, and he’s threatening to use this contest as an excuse to eat lots and lots of food, so keep that in mind. He’s also 6’7″, which is 2 meters for the metric folks.

The Prize: The winner and first two runners up will all get an absolutely free custom necklace from Monsoon Artisans, for yourself, your wife, your girlfriend, your mom, whatever. Put up to ten custom words on the back! We won’t be able to deliver by Christmas, but they make an awesome Valentine’s gift.

The Rules: Please post your guesses as comments. Only one guess per number, and the first person to post a certain number is the owner of that guess. Also, only one guess per person, please. And we won’t accept anonymous guesses….

May the best person win! We ship worldwide.