Sometimes it’s difficult for me to be grateful about certain aspects of my life, and it’s nearly always difficult for me to be grateful about diabetes. However, my life is different now than it would have been if I had never gotten sick, and even though it’s harder in so many ways, I need to remember to also acknowledge and honor the ways in which those changes have been changes for the better.

I have a new, deep appreciation for uneventful days.
I have found wonderful, supportive, loving friends who I met because I have diabetes.
I am more compassionate towards others.
I have released a lot of the expectations I held for myself, and have learned to be more present in the moment, and less focused on the end result.
I am more respectful of and gentle to my own body.
I have a deeper sense of reverence towards life in general.
I find joy in simpler things.
A community of family and friends has risen up to support me, in all ways, in this daily challenge.
Diabetes has forced me to learn to live through the fear, and made me less fearful in other aspects of my life.

These are the more prominent changes in my life since diagnosis, though there are countless smaller ones. In some ways, I don’t want there to be anything that could possibly be considered good about diabetes, but I know that this is my life, my one shot, and in order to live fully I must acknowledge and appreciate all the good things in my life, as well of the source of those things. This isn’t about fair, and it’s not about seeing how evenly the lists of good and bad stack up. It’s simply about embracing what I do have, and I have a lot. So today, I am going to practice fostering gratitude.