Hello! First off, I would like to thank everyone who is writing a blog, for sharing the stories of your life with diabetes, and helping those of us who read those blogs to feel less isolated. I’ve been posting for only about a week (and started posting due to many of the inspiring blogs I read), and thought it was time to introduce myself a bit.

I’m Beth, 27, type 1 diabetic for just 3+ years, and pumping with Minimed. In 2003 I got diabetes, my Master’s degree, and married, in that order, all in three (crazy) months. I don’t know any type 1 diabetics in the real world, so I very much appreciate this online community. I have a small business, http://www.monsoonartisans.com, and in my spare time I paint, write, and sometimes do henna. We have two cats, Mr. Business and Kitimer.

Since high school I’ve lived in Bristol, Virginia; Asheville, North Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; New York City; Florence, Italy; and Tucson, Arizona. My husband and I are moving to Bellingham, Washington when he finishes grad school in May, and want to stay put once we get there. You can see pictures of all of this below…. some of them are clickable to bigger pics.

Tucson is down in the valley. All the rain we’re having is the end of Hurricane John.

This is my 6’7″ husband, today, on Mount Lemmon.

This is me, a foot shorter, same place.


Some older paintings.

Some newer ones.

If anyone reads this, I would love to hear about you!!