I am disturbed by the media’s portrayal of diabetes. It perpetuates myths, misunderstandings, and general insanity. Though I don’t watch much television, I do catch shows here and there (mostly on DVD) and I’m sort of alarmed by what I’m seeing.

In Prison Break, for example, the main character takes an “insulin inhibitor” in order to feign diabetes. He then receives what appears to be one shot per day, sometimes in his forearm, with a needle that could hold a whole vial of humalog, and is mostly full. So we’re talking about 750 units of insulin. I don’t know about you guys, but on a heavy day, I might top out around 35. That’s a hell of a fake diabetic!

In CSI (and I don’t remember this all that well) there was an episode in which a diabetic was killing people, and they knew it was a diabetic because they had “funny smelling breath, like an alcoholic” and “stank”. So, let’s assume they were spilling ketones, that’s fine. But then they said that this particular killer / diabetic had not been picking up their insulin prescription for a couple of weeks, and was going without. Now, I don’t have any first-hand experience, but after a couple of weeks without insulin, I think any physical activity would be a bit of a challenge.

Let’s hope some day a few of those writers meet a real live diabetic, and get it right!

In other, much happier news, today marks three years of marriage to my wonderful, generous, kind, funny, supportive husband. It also marks the start of a fun month of discounts and contests on my business website… this will be busy!

honeymoon pic