Today I developed a nice fever / throat / chest thing that had been threatening for awhile, and rode the diabetic illness rollercoaster for several very special hours. For lunch, I had chicken, rice, and veggies, a familiar meal, and upped my usual bolus by 50%. Checked two hours after to find a BG of 452. Lovely. Anything over 400 really freaks me out. I didn’t feel bad aside from the fever, so I lay on the bed and was still and watched a movie and gave myself an enormous (for me) ten unit bolus. Then I learned right after the pump buzzed for delivery that my husband was driving off to a meeting on the other side of town in half an hour.

Nice. So now I have a ton of insulin on board, and as the first 20 minute check shows, it is doing its job, and well. I decide to go with him, as it’s a short meeting, and I don’t relish the freefall I hope will come if I’m alone in my apartment. So we head out, and my BG does freefall, but stops around 212, which sounded great to me right about then.

Dinner was ok, as I ate basically no carbs and bolused heavily. Then a little yoga and off to bed at 8pm. Except, now it’s 12:30 and I’m awake and not. tired. at. all. Good BG, though.

Oh, the joys of sickness and diabetes.