I carry a bag around everywhere I go. I won’t call it a purse, as it’s more of a messenger-type bag. Before diagnosis, I felt pretty together if I managed to shove my wallet in my pocket, and the only bag I owned was an old college backpack that I never used. Not so any more.

My bag is heavy. It’s full. In it, is:

~2 One-Touch Ultra-Smart meters (I carry two because there was more than one occasion in NYC when my meter got stolen out of my bag or pocket, probably by people who thought it was a palm pilot, and then I was left in the city trying to find a pharmacy and buy another one, walking block after block and eating tab after tab with no clue what my BG was, unable to tell if I was low or just freaking out, and then buying a new meter to see a score like 65. Just one of the reasons why my husband and I left the city…)
~A lovely collection of used test strips that grows in the bottom of my bag, in spite of my best efforts, until I pull out all the other stuff and upend it over the trash can
~A 100 pack of new test strips
~Glucose tabs
~Soda, so I hopefully don’t have to use the (insert expletive here) glucose tabs
~My emergency pouch, with:
Glucose gel x 2
Epi pen (shrimp allergy)
Insulin, 2 vials
Pump site and resevoir
Needles, 3
Lancets (who am I kidding? I change those maybe once a month)
2 vials of test strips

The things that aren’t diabetes related? Not many:
~A bottle of water
~My phone
~My wallet
~Sometimes, my camera

Here’s to the day when we all lose ten pounds of supplies!