At times, when I am completely disenchanted with the processes of diabetes, I have been known to misbehave a bit. Mostly by implying to my (outstanding, and outstandingly patient) husband that he should give diabetes a go for a few days, or at least stick one of those bastard sites into his belly. Thank heavens for his patience.

Let me explain a bit. I hate sticking in the sites. I refuse to use the soft-serter thingy that came with the pump, as for the six months or so that I did use it, it totally freaked me out, and seemed oddly violent. Finally I realized that I could just pinch up the skin and stick the sites in manually, which allowed me to indulge in my bizarre slow-is-better process. So, I pinch up my skin and very slowly stick in the needle, often moving around when the first place that I try bleeds too much at the first prick, etc. Site changing is an ordeal in my house.

Last night, my beloved husband put a site in his belly. What a guy! I am sad to say, however, that he did his with much less hesitation, far less distress, and entirely less reluctance than I do. I’m beginning to feel like I might be overreacting a bit to site-changing… though one point in my favor is that he has, after all, only ever put in one site, and that maybe after a few bad experiences with bleeders or those awful ones that seem to go right into a nerve cluster, he would gain a bit more respect for the darn things. To his credit, he did say it was scary, and he has made absolutely no reference to how fussy I am when it’s my turn. Did I mention how much I love my husband?

My gratitude towards the people who allow me to indulge in the occasional (as in every 3-5 days, for 10 minutes) episode of self-pity is never-ending. In return, I promise good behavior for the rest of the time. Or at least most of the rest of the time.