We have our winners!!!

In first place, with a guess just one pound off, is Chrissie from Chrissie’s Diabetes Blog! She guessed 205 pounds.

In second place, with a guess three pounds off, is Sandra from A Shot In The Dark! She guessed 201 pounds.

And in third place, with a guess eight pounds off, is Lili from Overcompliance! She guessed 196 pounds.

He adopted this (incredibly bizarre) folk song (performed here by The Little Willies, which is one of Norah Jones’ bands) as his theme for the last week. He went to the grocery store and came home with a car full of junk food. Still, it didn’t go as well as he had hoped. The official weight, as of noon today, is 204 pounds. He’s just a pretty thin guy. When I met him, 4.5 years ago, he was 168. He’s been around 200 for the last 4 years.

How To Claim Your Prize:

Send me an email saying what you would like your necklace to say, up to ten words, and what your mailing address is. If you like, you can visit the website for ideas. We’ll make them and ship them out as soon as we can, though with the holidays it may be in couple of weeks. We’ll send shipping notification when we mail them.

We’ve had lots of fun with this contest, and are thinking up more for the future! A few of our favorite ideas for prizes are a custom medical tag and a custom logo! Let us know what you’d like to win.

Congratuations to Chrissie, Sandra, and Lili, and we hope that everyone has a wonderful day. šŸ™‚