We had a very pleasant holiday, and I hope all of you did as well.

Because of the Valley Fever, I didn’t fly home this year, as getting a URI or something similar on the plane would have been a pretty significant problem. My parents were a little sad, but it was a bit of a relief to not have to worry about scrambling through the airport and all of the travel-related stress. And I’ll see them soon.

Instead, we had a small Christmas with my husband’s family, which was lovely. Our tree was tiny and lopsided, but entertained our two cats and was plenty big enough to house our gifts. My parents-in-law dropped by in the morning for a gift exchange, and then we went over to my aunt- and uncle-in-law’s for a giant Christmas / Hanukkah / Buddhist feast. My blood sugar did hit the 300’s after said feast, but I got it down pretty quickly. I only had about 1 bite of everything, so the dramatic rise was a surprise.

I usually make all my own gifts, and this year was no different. I made 2 scarves (and one was about 8 feet long, so it would look long enough on my 6’8″ father-in-law), 2 pairs of silver earrings, a handful of silver hearts, 2 paintings, and a ton of chocolate chip cookies. I think I’m taking a leave of absence from making things for a bit, now. Whew!

Hope all of you are recovering well from all the festivities, and are working on some good plans for a New Year’s celebration!

The cats relax after the big day.

Scarf 1, not my favorite colors. Her favorite colors. Scarf 2 was plain dark gray.

A few of the million cookies I baked.

Earrings 1, my first experiment with making images in silver.

Earrings 2.