Sometimes diabetes and I are ok. We’re never really great together, because, let’s face it, who’s great with chronic illness, but we have our periods of being ok.

And this is SO not one of them.

I have Valley Fever, which sucks. Basically, it’s a mold spore in the dirt in most of Arizona and some of California, New Mexico, and Texas, that, when inhaled, causes general badness in the human body. Mostly lung-related badness. Oh, and did I mention that it is controlled by the US Government as an agent of bioterrorism? Yup. Nice.

33% of people who live in endemic areas get Valley Fever in their lifetimes. Most people who get Valley Fever don’t really notice it as anything other than a peculiar fevery illness. Once you have it, you are generally immune for the duration of your time on earth.

But the diabetics? Not so much. Diabetes effectively acts as an immunosuppressant where Valley Fever is concerned, and as such I have had pneumonia for going on 6 weeks (though I thankfully only have the coughing part, no fever or anything else) and last night developed a rather disturbing bloody cough. It only lasted about 4 minutes, but 4 minutes of bloody cough is WAY too long in my opinion.

Thus, today my pulminologist has prescribed 3 months of antifungal meds. Lovely. The goal is that after the meds, I too will be immune. And i’m crossing every body part that crosses.

So I’d like to thank my diabetes for this exciting new adventure. And I very much hope that none of you have this particular pleasure.

Travelling to one of the Valley Fever areas? Want to avoid it? My pulmonoligist suggested not breathing. In truth, it’s really luck of the draw, but a good rule of thumb is: if it looks dusty outside, stay the hell inside. And avoid travelling June-August.