Welcome to the new WordPress home of In Search Of Balance! Thanks for stopping by!

I must admit that switching from New Blogger to WordPress was not a smooth process. I think it will be worth it in the future, as the extra features offered on WordPress are really excellent, but whew! What a headache!

First of all, WordPress has a wonderful import tool which allows you to transplant your entire blog from wherever it may be to WordPress. The only blog format it doesn’t work for? New Blogger. So I had to go through and cut and paste 60 some odd entries into the new template, and couldn’t transplant any comments. If any of you on Blogger are thinking of switching, do it before you convert to Beta / Google.

Next, Cascading Style Sheets aren’t that hard to edit, but they are when they delete your header over and over again for no reason. In the help section I eventually found that it’s some sort of WordPress error, and you can get around it by putting the !important tag after your header image.

That said, I really am excited about WordPress.

And I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

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