This diet will be nearly impossible for vegans, and hard for vegetarians. Pre-diet, I seldom cooked meat. I would eat chicken and things when I went (or ordered) out, but in terms of cooking in my home, meat was a bi-monthly thing at most. It’s been challenging to cook so much meat, and a little odd, but there’s a limit to how many times I can eat egg dishes in a week, so meat it is.

My reasons for limited meat consumption were ecological, so I try to buy only organic and work to be a responsible consumer, but I still feel a little funny about it. And selfish though it may be, the truth is that my own health and wellbeing will always take precedence over the more abstract ideas of ecologically sound meat production.

If you have questions about this diet, read the book. And try it. Try it, try it, try it. Set yourself a manageable goal that you know you can keep, and follow the program. I set a week, but I didn’t need that long to see results, or to learn what I’ve learned. I saw the results on the first day. So set yourself a goal of two days. Follow the diet for two short days, and I guarantee that even if you never follow it again, you will be a wiser diabetic. And as someone who’s never had it, I can say that stability in diabetes is like someone cutting your diabetes in half. Less anxiety, less uncertainty, less worry, less stress.

Yesterday I was an awful diabetic. Really awful. I forgot to bolus for 2, count ’em, 2 meals. And then in the evening I ran out of my fancy 4g carb bread (available only from certain Trader Joe’s, and tasting mostly of rubber), and ate a slice of 9g regular low carb bread.

When I forgot to blous the first time, my BG went up about 40 points, to 190. When I forgot to bolus the second time, I was at 177 an hour and a half later. When I ate the slice of regular low carb bread and bolused, I went up 73 points to 223, and then was down to 111 (which is low for my medication-related target of 150) an hour later. And this was low carb bread. As I learned, it’s also still a lot of fast acting carbs, which absolutely suck. SO, forget to bolus = not really that big of a deal, and eat a slice of regular low carb bread = sucky BG.

Tomorrow I’ll post all the recipes (and these are easy recipes…. food that tastes great but is about 20 minutes prep time or less) that keep me happy in this diet. And a salad dressing recipe that would keep anyone happy. If you’re curious, I would urge you again to consider trying this diet for just two days. It’s worth it, a thousand times over.