I’m getting ready to move. It’s two and a half months out still, but I’m getting ready. My best friend is moving, too, and I feel so very blessed to be able to share this journey with her. Four days, thirty hours of driving, and a new start. A new place. Under tall trees, on the edge of the ocean, with the man who shares my life who I could not love more, and the friend I’ve known since we were one.

I’ve lived a lot of places since I left home for boarding school (Tucson; NYC; Brooklyn; Nashville; Savannah; Asheville, NC; Chatham, VA), but none of them felt permanent. Washington feels permanent. We chose it, and it seems to fit. Four years ago I made these paintings as part of my thesis show, from a sort of imagined memory. And it feels a bit like we’re going to this place. It feels right.

painting 3

painting 4

painting 1

painting 2

I’ll miss the desert. It has moments of breathtaking beauty. I’ll be leaving people I love. I’ll lose a certain amount of stability, and my safety net. I can’t yet say what things I will gain, but I feel that it will be an even trade. I’m getting ready to move.