I spoke with my parents, and they’re okay with it.

I’m starting the search.

It’s actually kind of unlikely that anything will turn up, but I don’t lose anything if it doesn’t, and I’m happy to be searching.

The ideal outcome for me would be:

1. A full medical history of my family. My mom had fibrous, un-mammagramable breasts and had them both completely removed & replaced at 47, along with a hysterectomy. Her family carried the gene for early breast / ovarian cancer, and every woman on her mom’s side died earlyish of breast cancer. Without knowing that, she might have left them alone, to pretty serious consequences. I’d like the ability to make that kind of informed decision.

2. A friendly, holiday card type correspondence with birth mother and any siblings.

3. The ability to write my birth mother a letter thanking her for her decision, and telling her that I’m very happy with my life and grateful to her.

Here goes.

(And now back to your regular diabetes programming.)