Seriously. He’s so nice! Yay! And, I’m getting a new pump and CGMS. 

I also have a couple of custom order pump holsters on the way from Etsy, and I will be sure to post lots of pics. They’re both leather, and are soooooo cool. One is very business-appropriate / fancy / gorgeous, and one is super fun and funky. Stay tuned for pics of them! 

In not so awesome news, I have to have a CT scan tomorrow to check up on my Valley Fever lung cavity that has gotten bigger. It’s 5 cm. If you have a ruler, check that out; it’s enormous! I’m scared of the procedure and so tired of having all this sucky health stuff. My new lung doc is really smart, though, so hopefully she’ll be able to get me back on track. The old lung doc from Tucson suffers pretty significantly in comparison… he had me on a half dose of the meds!