365 projects have been completed by photographers for years, and are a wonderful way to offer a multifaceted view of a person’s life. This Diabetes 365 project was started to offer a slightly different thing: an honest picture of the relentlessness and consistency with which this illness marks the lives of those it affects. Sometimes it shows me moments of beauty, sometimes it magnifies the joys I experience, and sometimes I mourn for what it has taken from my life, but it is always here. There’s no escaping it.

There are as many experiences of diabetes as there are diabetics. Bernard has set up a wonderful Flickr group for anyone interested in participating in this project. I encourage you to consider it. Show what diabetes does to your life, and offer the world one more reason to work for a cure.

The rules can be found in the Group Description, but are pretty simple. One photo a day. If you’d like to caption your photo with a brief explanation of how it relates to diabetes in your life, even better.

Click here to visit the Diabetes 365 Flickr Group.

diabetes 365 day 5 Oct. 8th 2007