I was absolutely delighted to get my custom pump case in the mail today… I had really been looking forward to it, but the real thing is so much better than the pictures! Wow!


I ordered this case from Satchelman, an incredibly talented leather artist from England, when I saw a case he had made for an iPod Nano. He worked with me to be sure the dimensions were just right, and then hand-made the case to exactly fit my 7XX model Minimed pump.

The case was priced at 75$, which for something that will last forever and keep my pump looking good (not to mention keep me feeling better about wearing a 1990’s looking beeper thingy), is worth every penny.

He has the pattern for the 7XX Minimed all worked out after making mine, so I’m sure he can make more! If you want something like this for a different pump, send him a note. He’s incredibly nice and I really can’t say enough about how beautiful this case is! I even made my husband try it on!