Today was a good day. Blood sugars between 80 and 160 all day long (!! now that I’ve actually typed that out I’ll probably jinx it and end up at 300), a lovely lunch with a friend from a few towns over, and this evening we went to a concert with a nice group of people.

The concert was Brandi Carlile and A Fine Frenzy… and it was fantastic. Both of them are incredible live acts. A Fine Frenzy opened playing 6 songs, 4 of which I knew and liked, and the lead singer had a peculiar and entertaining way of interacting with the audience… she sort of stared out into the crowd and grinned. Which sounds normal, but I assure you, it was not.

Brandi Carlile was just a lot of fun. We were delighted when we saw her play in Tucson, and this show was better. She did the staples from her latest album, a few new songs, and some awesome covers… Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash), Scarlet Tide (T Bone Burnett & Elvis Costello), and Halleluja (Leonard Cohen).

A good day.