Okay, it’s pretty pathetic, I know, but I’m withdrawing from NaNoWriMo. I’ve only been at it for 2 days, but in those 2 days, I’ve not seen nearly enough of my husband, I’ve not done anything work related at all, I’ve not exercised a bit, I’ve not done any art, and I didn’t write more than about 1000 words that I will actually be keeping. I didn’t write today, and I did all of those things, plus buttons, plus a planned trip to the movies in a bit.

So that’s it, folks. I’m a slow (but motivated) writer, and writing fast doesn’t seem to help me. I end up with 4544 words of junk. And frankly, I don’t relish the prospect of sifting through them when I could just get it right (or at least right-ish) the first time! So back to my old writing schedule… 700 words a day, Saturdays off.

Boy, do I admire all you NaNoWriMos who can write your 1600 words a day and have something that actually makes sense! I wish you all the best of luck, and I’m so excited to hear about your fantastic achievements at the end of the month!

(Haha, I looked for a NaNoWriMo Loser banner to put up over there, but couldn’t find one. Any ideas?)