Yeah, I missed a day. You can see the pic in my Flickr.

UPDATE: there seems to be some confusion… these buttons are totally, 100% free to you. If you’re in the top 10 commented requests, and you send me an address, you’ll get the pack of 6 buttons shown below within a week or so, depending on where you live. We’re in Washington state.

Today is button day! Yay! Here are the buttons:

diabetes 365 runner up ... the buttons, round 2

diabetes 365 day 47 Nov. 19th 2007

And here’s how to get yours.

I have 10 sets to give away absolutely free, and I’ll ship them anywhere in the world. Just be one of the first 10 people to comment on this post, and email me your address.

If you’ve already gotten buttons, but want more, please wait until after midnight to give the folks who haven’t gotten any a chance to get some. There are also 10 being given away on my Flickr account (click the second pic above to see), so since there are so many, I’m guessing there will be extra.

Questions? I’ll answer! 🙂