There’s something remarkable about this community. It’s not present in other online communities, even health-centered ones. It’s more than a sense of camaraderie, and more than the empathy of people going through the same thing. It’s difficult for me to define, but it is overwhelmingly present, in every post, in every comment, in every word of humor or support, in every moment of grief or joy. I can honestly say that my life would not be the same without it.

I know I am blessed by the privilege of sharing my life with the people who I have come to know through this community. I know it, I feel it, and I am so very grateful. From a spectacular penpal to a partner in a project that means a lot to me to the newly diagnosed and those who have been living with diabetes for longer than I knew the word diabetes, I am so pleased to be able to call each of you my friends.

What a treat it was this evening to receive a sussy in the mail from Nicole. Opening the package and seeing each gift was such a fun thing. It absolutely made my day… And today was the day I also got my new pump. But in the end, a pump is just another piece of machinery, and a package of thoughtful treats and a kind note is a marker of all that the OC has brought into my life. Many thanks, Nicole.

What a wealth of love and support we all have here.

Day 78:

diabetes 365 day 78 Dec. 20th 2007

Day 77:

diabetes 365 day 77 Dec. 19th 2007