As I wait to calibrate my sensor and dread my doctor’s appointment tomorrow (for Valley Fever), I thought I’d post a survey. Because I’m curious. And tired. And bored.

Short Fragrance Survey!

1. How often do you wear perfume / cologne? Scented lotion? Scented soap / deodorant?

2. How would you rank these fragrance types:


Incense / Spice

Chypre (woody, citrusy)

Leather (honey, tobacco)


Vanilla / Gourmand

3. Do you have a signature / favorite fragrance, or do you switch according to mood or weather?

4. How many fragrances do you have? Which do you wear the most often?

5. What sort of fragrance do you not like?

6. Do you want other people to be able to tell you’re wearing fragrance, or not?

See comments for my answers. Feel free not to answer, as clearly this is 100% unrelated, just a product of idle curiosity and too much time waiting for sensors to calibrate!