Do you know what a sussy is? Sure you do. It’s a special unexpected package in the mail, just for you! Would you like to send one? Would you like to get one in return? Here’s how!

Amylia and I are starting a Sussy Circle. Anyone with a diabetes blog or anyone in D365 may participate. Basically, you send us your address, and we send you the address of someone to whom you then send a sussy. Wait a bit, and you’ll get a sussy of your very own in the mailbox! Hooray!

There are a few rules.

*Monetary value of the sussy should be somewhere between 10$ and 20$, not including shipping. Please make a special note if you are willing to ship your sussy internationally.
*If you’re under 16, your parents should sign you up.
*You must fill out the brief questionnaire and email it to us, along with your address.
*Most of all… Have fun!

The Questionnaire:

Do you have any allergies that we should know about?
Do you have any interesting hobbies or collections?
What would you NOT want to receive in a sussy?
Favorite color / food / music / books?

If you’d like to participate, just email us at with these three things:
The answers to the questionnaire
Your mailing address
Whether you can ship internationally.

In ten days (Jan. 18th), we’ll send each of you the name, address, and questionnaire of the person you’ll be sending a sussy to. Send your sussy within 10 days of receiving this information, and then check your own mailbox for a special surprise!

We hope that everyone has fun with this… Sussies are a great way to brighten up someone’s day.