I have a new friend here, and tonight she and her wonderful husband hosted a cocktail party for the UU young adults group. It was such a pleasure to spend an evening with people of like mind, who are open and warm and caring. People who dance with abandon and speak frankly of the high and low places of their lives. People who are inspiring and inspired, and motivated to make the changes they see need to be made, in their own lives and for the greater good.

I make a point in my real life to place emphasis on gratitude. I do my moaning about diabetes or valley fever here, when I need to, but away from the internet I try to make sure that I live with gratitude at the front of my mind, and on the tip of my tongue. Occasionally it’s a struggle to find gratitude, but in searching for it I learn more about how the process of being thankful can sometimes be enough to lift a person in difficult times, and can sometimes be a comfort when other comforts fail.

There is a language of joy that is spoken not with the mouth but with the heart. There is a talent in putting people at ease that is often overlooked, but can never be overvalued. In counting my gratitudes, I count this evening; not only for the pleasure of a fun evening for myself and my husband, but for the generosity of spirit shown by my friend that made the evening a gratitude for everyone there.