I am so, so excited about getting my etching press. It should come either this week or next. I’ve actually set up a blog about etching, so that I’ll keep most of that stuff off of this one, and you can check that out here, if you’re curious. As I get to working on prints, it will likely be mostly images of work in progress, but for now it’s more about ideas and process. Although art and diabetes are both a part of my life, and this blog is more about general life than diabetes, I chose to create a separate blog about art things so I can share those things with people with whom I might not share more personal aspects of my life.

I’m beginning to feel normal again. It’s really only just been in this last week or two. I’m almost afraid to say it. I’ve been knocked down more times than I care for lately, and being able to get through a normal day feels like one of those luxurious things that one doesn’t talk too much about, for fear it will be taken away. But I’m trying not to think that way, and focusing on enjoying the heck out of every capability I have at present, and hoping for continued recovery from this latest valley fever episode. I apologize for my absence from the blogosphere and all the comments that I thought but didn’t type… I’ll work on doing more typing this week!

More than anything else right now, I’m feeling grateful. I hope that each of you are finding your weeks off to wonderful beginnings, and full of promise and hope.