So, last Sunday, on their way back from Vancouver, Manny and his wife Andreina and his son Santiago stopped by Bellingham for a little visit! It was great to meet them in person. We met at Boulevard Park, where Santiago had a great time on the pirate ship playground, and we had time for a stroll down the boardwalk before they had to head back south. It was a clear, warm September day, with just a hint of coolness in the air, and Daniel and I really were glad to have the chance to meet such smart, funny, creative people who are so active in our diabetes community. A big thanks to both of them for all they do.

Andreina gave me a beautiful print, shades of green with botanical shapes, and I love it!  You should all go check out her art.

I’ve been a bad blogger. I know that. I also know that as the skies cloud over and the rains come, I’ll be a better blogger. But I do read the blogs in the Diabetes Daily feeds, and I am thinking of all of you. I think I just needed a break from thinking too much about diabetes, and what better time to take one than when the sun is shining!