I had a CT scan on Monday to monitor the progress of my lung cavity (which came from Valley Fever). There was a time when the cavity was growing… each CT showing it a little bigger. Then it began to shrink instead, which was a major relief. And I just got the results from Monday’s CT this afternoon… and my lung cavity is GONE! All that remains is a little scarring. I am so, so excited. It’s been a long and uncertain road, and the relief that I feel today, and the relief that Daniel feels, is amazing.

With diabetes, though it is undeniably hard, I had some idea of what I needed to do to manage it and what I could expect in the future, good or bad. With Valley Fever I had none of that, and not knowing and feeling out of control was very difficult. 

I still have Valley Fever and will always have it, but for now it seems that I am free of active symptoms and active disease. And that’s so incredibly wonderful.